Crushing It In Business with Chronic Illness Summit


You are passionate about building a business that gives you freedom, lights up your dreams, and brings stability for your family. have chronic illness.

You have the drive.  You have the ambition.  You have the smarts and the creativity.  You know what needs to be done.


Brain fog is real.  Days when you are too tired to lift a finger to a keyboard are real.  Moments when you don't want to talk to another human...even on social media...are real.  Days when you get escorted to the hospital or the clinic or the doctor (who let's face not much help) are real.


I know because I do it every day.

This Summit was a heart centered project of mine.  I want every single woman out there with big dreams and a pesky chronic illness (or 5) to know that you CAN have a thriving business while successfully managing a chronic illness at the same time.

It's time for all of us to rise and show that we are just as badass...just as determined...and just as worthy as our counterparts who brag about "slaying" day and night.  And we can do it in far less time with far less negative impact on our health.

Included Presentations:

How to Plan a Launch When You Can Barely Plan Your Day Because of Chronic Illness with Suzanne Proksa

Surefire Strategies to Bring Productivity Sky High with your Chronic Illness with Lisa Cipkar

How to Re-frame Your Thoughts to Create The Ultimate Lifestyle You Desire with Stacie Walker

You - The Superhero with Jessica Hansen

How to Shift From Imposter Syndrome to Expert with Stephanie Smart

How to Get More Done in Less Time While Fighting Fatigue with Maureen Lake

90 Day Strategy for the Boss Babe With Chronic Illness with Suzanne Proksa

Finding Center: Mindfulness, Chronic Illness, and You with Marin Turner

Self-Care for the Chronically Successful Entrepreneur with Jenn Hyla

From Inspired to Action Taker with Lindsey Aleson

Energize Your Body, Energize Your Life with Jaime Ballew

How Learning to Rest Can Create More Opportunities in Business + Tips to Create Restful Routines that Inspire Peace & Creativity with Sera Snyder

Shift Out Of The "I Get Sick When I Work" Cycle with Liz Lockwood

Battling Comparisonitis When You Have Chronic Illness with Suzanne Proksa




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